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ICAN PT Dubai personal training studio has set the benchmark for 5* luxury personal training in Dubai. Our Dubai personal trainers have created a motivational and highly inspirational, result driven environment.

Our Dubai personal training team consists of only world-class personal trainers and rehabilitation specialists, all internally trained by ICAN PT to teach and practice our proven philosophies for achieving outstanding results, guaranteed.

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Why Men Should Train Like Women…Dubai personal training

Why Men Should Train Like Women..Dubai personal training

What’s the difference?

With the recent popularity of weight training, it means that there is a higher risk, and a higher percentage of men with back injuries/problems compared to women. Unlike men, women’s training is usually geared towards flexibility, mobility and strength, as they opt to practice yoga, compared to men who focus solely on strength with our Dubai personal training team. Men should be getting a balance of weighting training, cardio and stretching in order to maintain good fitness levels, the same as women.

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No Meat? No Problem | Dubai personal trainers

You can meet your daily protein intake without meat and our Dubai personal trainers can help you with that.
Why we need protein
We have all been told that protein is an important part of our diet, especially if you’re working out a lot. Protein is used to help repair the muscles after a workout and an adult should be consuming anythingbetween 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per 1kg of their bodyweight. In order to get protein into your diet, you need to incorporate it into a lot of your meals, which isn’t as hard as you think. Our Dubai personal trainers encourage their clients to have a high protein intake.

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Personal Trainers in Dubai top 5 running apps

Running is simple, both you and our personal trainers in Dubai know it. One foot in front of the other, repeat. In theory, other than a good pair of shoes, you don’t really need anything else. Yet, things like snazzy headphones, a good playlist and a good app can all help to motivate and improve your running. A running app on your phone can track your stats and help you with goals, with distances, and some even offer training schedules for you to follow. Us? We never go on a run if there’s no proof to show off to friends and complete strangers on Instagram. There are a lot of apps out there, and essentially they all do the same, but which one should you choose? Here are a couple of our personal trainer’s in Dubai favourite running apps…

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