Ben in only 12 weeks.

Ben tried everything from cross fit classes to juice diets, but nothing had worked for the 33 year old entrepreneur until he started at ICAN PT. 12 weeks later his body fat is 11% with abs.
After years of working on developing an athletic physique with abs, Ben got the body he could never had dreamed of in only 12 weeks.

Kim Dunn

Diane - 24 weeks

Diane is a business owner who had not exercised for over 15 years. She dropped 3 dress sizes and over 15kg in just under 24 weeks. Her busy work schedule and nights entertaining clients had taken its toll on her body and health until she started working with her personal training at ICAN PT.
She now has more energy, not only in the boardroom but in every aspect of her life.

Kim Dunn

Rebecca 16 Weeks

Rebecca had recently given birth to her first child and had lost all confidence and belief that she could even get her body back.
From only 2 hours per week exercise, we implemented changes to her mindset, nutrition and emotional mind set towards exercise which enabled Rebecca to feel confident, happy and love her body again.

Kim Dunn

Ayman- 10 months.

Ayman is almost unrecognisable from his former self, after losing a staggering 42kg in just over 10 months of training.
Ayman was not only carrying excessive weight, his health was starting to deteriorate after numerous warning from Doctors decided to reluctantly start a transformation package with ICAN PT.
Ayman now trains 5 times per week and has completely changed his life.

Kim Dunn

Jon - 36 Weeks - Corporate Lawyer

Jon's astonishing body transformation at ICAN PT has seen him lose 46kg in 36 weeks and trim 42cm from his waist.
The corporate lawyer has gone from being an overweight tired and stressed 40 year old, who's children used to call fat to a super-fit, positive and out-going personality with fire in his belly to constantly hit targets. 

Kim Dunn