ICAN’s 4 Ways You Might Be Losing Muscle That Have Nothing to Do With the Gym

Ican personal trainers Dubai believe that If you’re hitting the weight room hard but you’re starting to lose muscle, it probably has something to do with what you’re doing outside the gym. There are a few things that can cause your muscles to become less defined, no matter how many sets of deadlift and bench press you put in. Here are six mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to bulk up from our Dubai personal trainers.


You might think taking that taking ibuprofen can decrease muscle soreness and help get you through your next workout. But taking anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen too often or in too high a dosage can interfere with muscle and strength. Ican personal trainers Dubai believe that taking just 1,200 mg doses a day for a few weeks could potentially have some dramatic effects. A little bit of natural inflammation that comes from working those muscles can actually help with building protein and speeding recovery, it’s just about learning to listen to the body.



If you’re low in omega-3 fatty acids, you could be losing muscle at a faster rate. Ican personal trainers Dubai know coach that Omega 3 fatty acids can enhance insulin sensitivity in the cells, and therefore improve the muscles ability to utilize the protein eaten. When there’s improved insulin sensitivity, the body fights the urge to break down muscle, so you’re more likely to notice gains over time.

Ican Dubai personal trainers coach that it’s not necessary to take supplements as long as you get regular doses of fatty fish, leafy greens and other fats such as nuts and avocados. 


Ican Dubai personal trainers coach that If you’re doing too much cardio and not enough strength training, you’re going to break down all that you’ve been trying to build up. “Not performing low impact, weight-bearing exercises" regularly won’t help you tone and define muscle, and excess cardio won’t give your body time to strengthen, build, and repair those muscles.  Resistance training strengthens muscles, providing extra support for your joints and building up strength to lower risk of injury. Doing more than 60 minutes of cardio at a time could be too much, especially if you’re training 5 days a week, it wouldn’t hurt to forgo cardio altogether for two of those days. Ican Dubai personal trainers tailor each program to every clients needs, rather than prescribing large amounts of mundane cardio as standard.



If you’re not replenishing lost electrolytes post-workout, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which can diminish muscle. Ican personal trainers Dubai Educate that our bodies need water to improve and repair damaged muscle.

Water energizes muscles, and dehydrated muscle cells can shrivel up and cause muscle fatigue unless the body has enough water to keep it balanced and healthy. Ican personal trainers Dubai coach that a minimum of 2l of water each day should be the aim, varying according to the clients weight and level of activity.