3 reasons you are not seeing the results you want!

1) Rewarding yourself with food

Ican personal trainers Alderley edge say you can replenish vital macronutrients after your hard work - a clean protein shake with a banana; hummus and Raw veg or yoghurt with fresh berries make for great, nutritious post-workout fuel, but rewarding yourself for that 60 minute stint with your personal trainer with a muffin is counter-productive, particularly if you're trying hard to lower your body fat or that specific figure on the scales to shift. At best, you'll have broken even.


Ican personal trainers Alderley edge advise to Beat that barrier: If you like a treat after you've earned your sweat minutes, be a bit creative. Treat yourself to a protein-based smoothie with a little peanut butter and banana. The fat and sugar of the fruit will make it feel indulgent but it's a nutritious snack that will help you and your muscles recover well, plus it contains the right amount of calories and nutrients to help you avoid post-exercise hunger pangs.

2) You're not working as hard as you think

Gauging exercise intensity can be tricky, particularly when you're starting out. You need to know how hard you're supposed to be working when you start out on each exercise session. If it's a tough tempo you're after, knowing what a 'comfortably hard' pace should feel like is important.

Break that barrier: Ican personal trainers Alderley edge say Don't shy away from using additional kit to get the best results. A heart rate monitor will highlight whether your hard H.I.I.T sessionin fact resembles a gentle warm up, and it will soon tell you if your brisk Sunday walk really does double-up as a 'proper' workout.

3) You're not moving enough outside of the gym


Break that barrier: Every little really does help when it comes to exercise. The evidence for everyday exercise being effective for getting you fitter is big. Set yourself daily targets of 10-15 minutes of 'incidental exercise': take multiple sets of stairs over the course of the day; vary your walking speed as much as possible, and squeeze in discreet body weight exercises when you can (sets of squats before you lose your shoes for the night; a set of crunches and shoulder bridges on waking). ICAN personal trainers Alderley Edge and ICAN PT Dubai advise activities take minutes but their cumulative effect is not to be underestimated.