Why Men Should Train Like Women..

Why Men Should Train Like Women..

What’s the difference?

With the recent popularity of weight training, it means that there is a higher risk, and a higher percentage of men with back injuries/problems compared to women. Unlike men, women’s training is usually geared towards flexibility, mobility and strength, as they opt to practice yoga, compared to men who focus solely on strength with our Dubai personal training team. Men should be getting a balance of weighting training, cardio and stretching in order to maintain good fitness levels, the same as women.


What happens?

As a result of poor training, this causes muscle imbalance and poor activation, which result in injury. Back injury is a major problem, whether you’re a pro athlete, or an average person, it can leave you unable to train to your full potential for weeks, even months, or reduce your ability to take part in everyday activities. Not only does this harm your body in the short term, but in the long run, your body will become stiffer and you will be unable to take part in simple activities as a result of n0t stretching now. Our Dubai personal training team encounter these sort of problems in clients on a regular basis.



What’s the solution?

Our Dubai personal training team suggest a strength-based program that incorporates flexibility, mobility and activation. These are key to improving and strengthening your back and the rest of your body, leaving you injury free. Our personal trainers in Dubai can provide 1-1 yoga sessions that combine the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures to help improve your flexibility. This will not only improve your mobility, but help to improve your strength training.


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