No more hunger pangs? No more afternoon slumps? Be prepared…

There’s so many fad diets and diet tricks around at the moment, but there’s one diet ‘trick’ that we should take note of.

 No more hunger pangs? No more afternoon slumps?

Well, it’s all about being prepared!

Our social media feeds are full of people and celebrities snapping photos of their prepared meals for the next day. Why? because being prepared is the key to your weight loss success! It’s not a fad and it’s not rocket science. Instead of grabbing a carb and calorie loaded sandwich, you have home-made nutritious food for the whole day! It couldn’t be simpler!


To help you, we’ve taken the best tips from Dubai's 5* personal trainers on preparing your food and what food you should be preparing!


Stanton’s Top Tip: I always prepare my food on a Sunday for the next 3 days.

An average day consists of;

Breakfast; Scrambled eggs with tomato and avocado ( women 2 -3 eggs and men 3-4)

Lunch; grilled chicken seasoned with chilli. Accompanied by roasted sweet potato fries, roasted kale, raw spinach and steamed broccoli

Afternoon snack; Sweet potato protein brownie- mashed boiled sweet potato, chocolate protein powder, 1 square of 80% dark chocolate, desiccated coconut. Bake in oven for 20 mins

Dinner; Chilli Con carne with roasted kale and sweet potato and mushrooms.



Ryan’s Top Tip; Plan your meals for the week ahead from the ICAN 21 nutritional diary. This takes the thinking out of eating, which long term gets better results. For example make ICAN Breakfast bars for the whole week so that breakfast become hassle free.

An average day consists of;

Breakfast; Ican Juice or Breakfast bar;

Lunch; Prepared the night before;  seared tuna steak, a boiled egg and green beans.

Dinner;  Steak with steamed spinach with chilli and corn on the cob side with a knob of butter.



Lee’s Top Tip; There’s no excuses. 

On the road or sat in an office all day? Neither is a problem if you are prepared. Cooked chicken chopped up the night before is ideal to snack on whilst driving or on the go. Boiled eggs are also perfect to snack on and your also getting extra protein in.

Fruit and rice cakes are also great to keep with you. They sell rice cakes in all supermarkets now, so theres no excuse for grabbing a sandwich or sausage roll.

Lee’s favourite snack; BBQ or chilli almonds.



Drew’s Top Tip; Cook in bulk so that you have a healthy option readily available.

Drew’s average day consists of;

Breakfast; Steak and eggs

Lunch; Chicken, avocado, broccoli and kale.

Pre workout; Bananna

Dinner; Grilled fish with veg

Pre bed; Natural yogurt and almonds.


Matt’s Top Tip;  Organisation! Keep several roast chicken breasts in the fridge. It’s ideal for lunch or clean and lean snacks.

Matt’s favourite dishes;

1. Chicken salad with steamed broccoli, raw spinach, beetroot, avocado, tomatoes and light dressing.

2. Roast veg prepared the night before consisting of; sweet potato, peppers, courgette, broccoli and onion. Well seasoned and roasted in coconut oil. Add your cold chicken for protein.

Vicky’s top tip; I like to look at it as ‘clean fast food’. I always prepare the night before so I know I have clean foods to reach for when I need them.

I normally have cooked chicken or turkey, hard boiled eggs, kale, and raw chopped vegetables.



As you can see there is a reoccurring theme amongst our personal trainers responses. Confirming that preparation really is the key to success and your weight loss goals.

Dubai's 5* personal trainers like to keep their meals simple but tasty. Mainly consisting of lean protein and green vegetables.



Green tea/Peppermint tea



Make this the basic structure for every shopping trip and you really can’t go wrong.