Wondering why you’re not losing weight? Wondering why you’re not seeing the results you deserve?

Ask yourself…Are you reaching your potential? Are you cheating yourself?

The key to fitness success is a formula of 3 important factors that together create unparalleled results. If just one of these factors is not functioning properly then the results you dream of won’t become a reality.

So what are these key factors?

They may seem very obvious but are very often overlooked as a whole;

Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition.




This is probably the most important factor of all. The mind is the most powerful tool our body has and is vital on your exercise and nutrition journey.

If your mindset isn’t focused on what you’re wanting to achieve, there’s no way the rest of the factors can fall into place, you loose faith and you don’t believe you can do it.

Struggling to find that mindset? Read these quotes for some mindset inspiration.

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them”- Michael Jordan

“What we think,we become” Buddha

“We would accomplish many more things if we didn’t think of them as impossible” Vince Lomardi


With this positive focused mind set you can achieve and continue with our next 2 key factors; A consistent exercise and nutritional regime.


Consistency and Variety are key to keeping your exercise fresh, exciting and productive. Always start with activation work to fire up the muscles so they can reach their full potential, and then focus on either a whole body workout or a key area.

We’ve designed some great videos for you to do at home or in the gym, when you’re not training with us.

We’ve broken each body part down so you can spend 20-25 minutes focusing on one body part each day or try a killer full body workout.


Nutrition is vital to a healthy running body that is capable of the exercise required for serious results.

In some cases the best way to overhaul your diet is to go back to basics and we’ve done the hard work for you. Our ICAN 21 nutritional programme does exactly that. By following the ICAN 21 you cut out the unnecessary foods in our diet – The obvious offenders, dairy, wheat, additives, and anything processed. Giving your body time to recharge, refresh and have a full detox. After the 21 days the body should be back to a fully functional alkaline state. You will then find you will no longer have the cravings you had before, therefore making it easier to maintain a healthy balanced, clean diet and to continue your journey effectively.

Here’s a look at one of our days eating plan;

Breakfast; Scrambled  eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes.

Lunch; Salmon fillet with red onion, red peppers, and rocket.

Dinner; Mozzarella Chicken. 

Recipe– 2 chicken breasts, Baby spinach, tapenade (no preservatives), low fat mozzarella, salt and pepper for seasoning.

Roast the chicken breasts for 20 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked top it with a layer or tapenade, wilted spinach and mozzarella, topped with more spinach. Return to the oven for a another 8 minutes. Best served with Vegetable Kebabs or Courgette Spaghetti.

Follow on from the 21 days with our ICAN 30 COOKBOOK. This will help you to maintain your new healthy eating as well as help you to continue a healthy steady weight loss.

You’re now equipped with all the information you need to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.

Good luck!