Burn vs Burn | The perfect holiday workout

We don’t take the summer off!

Let’s face it, we love to train but we also love to go on holiday! Holidays

are for coming home feeling rested and revived, right? So it’s the perfect time to fit in a few workouts during your holiday sunbathing. After training hard for that beach body, it seems silly to throw it all away.

Stopping your regular workout regime has massive effects on the body both physically and psychologically.

Not only will you feel sluggish and lack energy, but your muscle definition will start to fade. You will feel yourself becoming weaker and you may find your fitness levels drop; a short walk could even find you out of breath! Plus, with all your relaxed eating and drinking, you will find your body fat increases and your jeans are a little tighter than usual! Workouts will also become much harder once you return home!

Our advice…’don’t stop training!’

Find the time to fit in a few exercises to keep your muscles working and the expanding waist line at bay!

We’ve designed some workouts that can be done from the comfort of your sun lounger, or on the beach whilst catching some rays with the ocean breeze in your hair.

Holiday sun lounger workout.


Plank- 45 seconds- 1 minute

20 reps of each exercise x 3

Back Extensions.

Reserve Crunches.

Leg Raises.

Bicycle crunches.

Tricep Dips.

Incline push ups.

Glute Bridge.



Beach Running

Kick off your flip flops and run down the sea shore! Did you know? Soft sand running is a low impact full body workout. It’s kind to your knees and it burns up to 30% more calories than normal road running! It also makes your muscles work harder to keep you balanced, plus you can plunge yourself into the sea post workout…what could be better??

Happy Holiday Workout!