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You can meet your daily protein intake without meat and our Dubai personal trainers can help you with that.

Why we need protein

We have all been told that protein is an important part of our diet, especially if you’re working out a lot. Protein is used to help repair the muscles after a workout and an adult should be consuming anythingbetween 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per 1kg of their bodyweight. In order to get protein into your diet, you need to incorporate it into a lot of your meals, which isn’t as hard as you think. Our Dubai personal trainers encourage their clients to have a high protein intake.


High Protein foods

There are many foods that have high protein content, you don’t always have to rely on meat such as chicken and turkey to get your intake, our personal trainers in Dubai other foods such as:

. Eggs

. Cottage Cheese

. Greek yoghurt

. Spinach

. Tofu

. Fish

. Beans and pulses

. Nuts/butters and seeds


Importance of protein

All of these foods can be incorporated into each meal of the day, for example, greek yoghurt with fruit for breakfast and spreading nut butter on an apple for a high protein snack. Our Dubai personal trainers have created a cookbook to help inspire you. Proteins are made up of amino acids and 8 out of the 22 amino acids in an adult’s body are ‘essential’, meaning we need to get them from food sources instead of our body. Protein is essential for growth, the production of hormones and brain development, so it is key that we retain a healthy, balanced diet and keep up our protein intake. Which is why we emphasise the importance of protein at our Dubai personal trainers studio.

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Protein is essential whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain strong muscles. Having a high protein diet keeps you fuller for longer, so you are less likely to have sugary snacks and crave carbohydrates. No matter what your fitness goal, make sure protein is a key part of it. If you’re having trouble finding ways to get protein into your diet, speak to one of our Dubai personal trainers in our personal training studio in Dubai



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